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Lagoon Day Photo Contest 2011 and 2012

Please note: there will be NO photo contest this year, 2015.

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Grand Prize
Madeline Sloan - Grand Prize
Adult Division Winners
Paul Haydu - Adult Free 1st Place
Larry Brooks - Adult Free 2nd Place
Stu Smith - Adult Free 3rd Place
Natalie Cookson - Adult Life 1st Place
Paul Haydu - Adult Life 2nd Place
Shawn Baker - Adult Life 3rd Place
Junior Division Winners
Mark Matten - Junior Free 1st Place
Madeline Sloan - Junior Free 2nd Place
Joe Matten - Junior Free 3rd Place
Madeline Sloan - Junior Life 1st Place
Joe Matten - Junior Life 2nd Place
Mark Matten - Junior Life 3rd Place
Beginner Division
Marina Sloan - Beginner 1st Place

Lagoon Day Photo Contest 2011
adult division entries


shawn baker larry brooks | natalie anne cookson | paul haydu | bill michalsky
saul pepis | freda reid | stu smith | nancy swanberg

Natalie Anne Cookson


Nancy Swanberg


Shawn Baker



Saul Pepis


Larry Brooks




Stu Smith


Bill Michalsky

Paul Haydu

Freda Reid


Lagoon Day Photo Contest 2011
junior division entries


joe matten | mark matten | madeline sloan


Joe Matten




Lagoon Day Photo Contest 2011
beginner division entries


Marina Sloan



Organized by The San Dieguito Lagoon Preservation Committee of the City of Del Mar